The Montessori Method of education is a unique method which places emphasis in educating the whole child, covering all aspects of their development- intellectual, social, physical, emotional and spiritual.
Our nurturing environment ensures that each child 

The most significant differences between Montessori and mainstream education are the concepts of individuality and freedom, the prepared environment and the role of the teacher

Aistear & Siolta

Following the new curriculum framework in Ireland for all children from the ages of 0-6 we incorporate Aistear into our curriculum planning. Aistear is the Irish word for ‘journey’ and it will help ensure that your child will be given the best opportunity to develop as a confident and competent learner. Aistear uses 4 themes that connect and overlap with each other to outline children’s learning and development:

1.     Well-being                               2. Identity and Belonging

2.     Communication                       4. Exploring and Thinking

Síolta is the Irish word for ‘seeds’. It is the National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education in Ireland. It is a quality assurance process which addresses all aspects of practice in our centre. Síolta promotes continuous quality improvement and planning. It supports us in providing quality early education to the children in our care.
Using Síolta helps us to recognize elements of our work that are successful, as well as identifying areas which need attention and improvement. There are 16 standards of quality that we must meet.


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